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Thc 26.05%

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Scottie pippen Strain the famous NBA basketball player decided to work in collaboration with official Backpack boyz to bring to cannabis consumers this amazing and THC potent marijuana strain. Number 33 strain was created from very exotic lineages. It’s a cross between lemon cherry gelato and biscotti.

The aromas are skunk sour with citrus hints. The flavors are very exotic with a huge mixture of tastes. Its dark chocolate custard, stone, fruity, lemon floor cleaner, coffee ice cream with milky sour gas is one to really enjoy. Also, check out peanut butter gelato marijuana strain

Scottie pippen Strain The effects of number 33 backpackboyz strain are strong, nice body sedation, with a hazy head high that won’t put you to sleep.

It’s a THC variant with THC levels in the mid-twenties and low CBD with 30% cannabinoids

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