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Holy Moly is a hybrid strain that delivers a well-balanced high. For a heavenly experience, this 4-gram gadget has custom-designed sauce terpenes, autodraw technology, a pre-heat button, and special THC-A live resin.


  • 4-Gram device 
  • Exclusive THC-A live resin formulation
  • Pre-heat button
  • Autodraw technology
  • Custom designed sauce terpenes

Buy Sauced Live Resin Carts Online UK

Live resin sauce is a Highly quality fresh frozen cannabis extracts blended with the most flavorful cannabis-derived and natural terpenes.



With our innovative live resin extraction method, the complete profile of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the live plant is preserved.

What was the outcome? An unmatched, purer high that allows you to fully enjoy each complex flavor and fragrance.

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