ROVE | Waui Cartridge | 1g


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Of course, there’s a touch of traditional Maui Wowie. Waui, with its tropical flavors and calming properties, seems like a vacation every time you take a puff. Allow this native Hawaiian strain’s sweet pineapple and energetic bliss to transport your creative soul to breathtaking locales.


uplifting leisure
lowering of stress and creativity

Cannabinoid Structure:

78.11% of all cannabinoids are active.
75.98% THC
CBD: 0.20 percent
CBN: 2.56%

ROVE | Waui Cartridge | 1g


ROVE | Waui Cartridge | 1g Sincerity, simplicity, and openness are values held at Rove. Their mission is to deliver the best tasting, customer-focused products possible to their clients.

The sole organic cannabis used in Rove products is obtained from reputable growers within their network. They refine the oil using only heat and pressure, extracting a good quality oil using sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide. To provide an exceptionally unique smoking experience, the completed golden product is combined with natural terpenes, fruit extracts, and cannabis terpenes.

An advanced product fit for the present day. The discrete and transportable Rove pen offers relief anytime, anywhere by fusing quality and portability..

Their finest C02 oil, extracted from flowers cultivated in California, is purified using no solvents at all, eliminating waxes, chlorophyll, and other undesired plant components. They guarantee a consistently delicious product by combining their stringent quality control requirements.

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