Northern Fiore Strain


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Northern Fiore Strain

Northern Fiore Strain Powered by Big Al’s Exotics – Gas House for Sale Online with FREE Delivery

Whenever a strain has the name “Fiore” in it, you can assume that you’re in for a good time. Northern Fiore strain is one of those plants. With an indica-dominant set of effects that will surprise even the most experienced user. Unknown breeders have crossed Sherber / Girl Scout Cookies for a strain that’s as tough as nails.

When we say buckle up, we mean it. Northern Fiore strain measures a THC level of 29%, making it a strain that’s probably not appropriate for novice users. Despite its bold assault on your senses, this strain is gorgeous to smell and taste. Hints of pine, earth, and spice blend together in a way that becomes fairly sweet. Ensuring that savory and sweet lovers will come back time and time again. Long nugs are accented by golden hairs and amber trichomes.

Effects of the Big Al’s Exotics Northern Fiore strain

A cerebral high that starts in the back of your head and slowly washes over you awaits. As Northern Fiore will induce the highest amounts of joy you thought humanly possible. If you’re with friends, get ready to resort back to elementary school as the number of giggles you’ll exude will be shocking. For some, this strain brings a creative focus that allows art projects to take shape. But for most, they’re simply knocked out flat by such a robust set of psychedelic effects.

In most cases, strains that clock in high on the THC percentage tend to be great for medical use, and the Northern Fiore strain fits that bill perfectly. Instances of depression or stress are easily melted away as your mind floats up to live in the clouds for a few hours. Heavy body effects are also great for conditions including generalized pain, inflammation, and cramps. Those who struggle with insomnia or a lack of appetite will find that. Northern Fiore will take them to dreamland in no time at all. But not without having a few good snacks first.
Cultivation Tips for the Northern Fiore Strain

Plants tend to be fairly small with this strain, so if you’re looking to cultivate at home, you won’t need much space. Indoor or outdoor growth is fine, as long as you give Northern Fiore strain warm temperatures to flourish in. Only 8 to 9 weeks is required to flower an indoor crop, and plants grown outside will be ready come mid-October.

Novice users beware – this strain will mess you up if you’re not careful. Best enjoyed in small doses. Unless you really want to blast off. Northern Fiore will take you to another planet and leave your pain and cares behind. Be sure to save this strain for the end of the day, because you won’t want to be falling asleep on your desk.

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