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Moroccan Hash is made by heating or “browning” Kief to decarboxylate cannabis, which is the process of using heat to chemically activate the psychoactive THC cannabinoids in the plant. Heating Kief is a traditional favorite for maximizing THC potency and creating subtle changes to the plant’s terpene profile.
Its originates from North Africa and South Asia

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Moroccan Hashish, or Moroccan hash, is an extracted product compose of compress or purify preparations of stalk resin glands, called trichomes. Order hash online. From the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients as marijuana—such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. But often in higher concentrations than the unsifted buds or leaves. From which the marijuana makes. Hashish may be solid or resinous depending on the preparation. Purchase hash oil online
Pressed hashish is usually solid, whereas water-purified hashish—often called “bubble melt hash”—is often a paste-like substance with varying hardness and pliability. Its color, most commonly light to dark brown, can vary from transparent to yellow, tan, black or red. This all depends on the process and amount of solvent left over.

Real Moroccan Hash is the pride and joy for any serious connoisseur. Cheeba’s is proud to offer Hash straight from Morocco! This stuff is hard to find and well worth the price when you do.Order hash from North Africa

There’s no shortage of selection online for hash heads, but the real stuff is undeniably better than hash or extract or concentrate made in Canada. Shatter is great, and in many ways stronger than this, but the body high this hash gives is second to none. Buy hashish online

Smell/taste: lightly aromatic, not really spicy. Mild taste, not harsh on the throat

Effects: Active high, clear headed and cerebral.

Even if you don’t normally smoke hash, you should buy this now. All clients and staff who have tested it can vouch for it’s quality.
Morocco is the Hash capital of North Africa and produces the finest Hash in the world.  Look no further than Cannabisthcshop

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