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Thc 32%

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Lions Mane Strain | Cookies

Lions Mane Lemonade Cookies Strain is a new hybrid straight from the collaboration between Lemonade and Cookies. However, this hybrid strain’s genetic lineage is still unknown by most. Like many other Lemonade strains such as Tanqueray, Cake mix, and pineapple piss, it has a sweet, fruity flavor. This exotic cannabis hybrid strain has been known to create tart citrus and piney smell. This is also joined by a sweet, citrus, nearly berry-like aroma. Contingent upon the consumption technique, a few clients have revealed Lions Mane to have a marginally minty and piney persistent flavor. Alongside its dynamic flavor profile and smell, these firmly stuffed spade-molded buds are shrouded in brilliant fire orange pistils and brilliant layer trichomes. Buy Lions Mane Strain ONLINE

Its buds transition from light green to dark green with patches of orange occasionally. This exotic bud has a THC content ranging between 22%- 25% making it’s high absolutely amazing
Effects Of Lions Mane Lemonade Strain

Though still a new strain, it has been reviewed by a great number of cannabis consumers and the majority said its effects include:

Increased levels of focus and energy
Increased levels of creativity are perfect for those working on artistic projects
Feelings of happiness and joy
Feeling of hunger making it perfect for patients suffering from insomnia

N.B: Lions Mane gets its name from a fungus used to treat depression and not the mane of a lion. Visit our shop to buy top-quality lions mane strains or other lemonade and Cookies strains.

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