Lions Breath Carts

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Purchase our best screw-on cartridges, Lions Breath FULL GRAM Cartridges, online. Over ten incredible, potent flavors. These cartridges, with a THC content of up to 94.55%, can treat a few medical ailments and delight even the most seasoned smoker.

Lions Breath Carts

Lion Breath Cart

Lions Breath Carts Special Savings on 1.1g THC Cartridges. We provide the greatest quality at the best price using a safe shipping method that ensures delivery to states without legal marijuana.

Purchase our best screw-on cartridge, which comes in over ten amazing and potent flavors, online at Lion Breath Cartridges FULL GRAM. These cartridges, with a THC content of up to 94.55% and a CBD content of 0.3g, may please even the most seasoned smoker. Purchase the Lions Breath Cart online, which fits most batteries with a standard 5–10 thread. When you buy THC cartridges online from us, you can save 10%. Products undergo laboratory testing to verify their safety for ingestion. Note: If you take it as an addiction drug or overdose, we won’t be held accountable. Age 18 years old and up: Vape sensibly.

 Used For Modern Day Treatments

  • Uncertainty
    inflammatory response
    Lack of sleep
    Pain & Stress: Reduces tension in the neck, jaw, chest, and face; relieves headaches
    boosts self-assurance
    lets go of negativity, exhaustion, and tension

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