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THC: 30%

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Indica dominant hybrid

Great for pain relief and relaxing 

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Italian Ice Strain backpack boyz weed is an Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing forbidden Fruit with Gelato 45. It is a THC variant that has THC levels in the mid-twenties and almost no CBD. The aroma is a sweet mix of blackberry, grape, bread, and sourdough.

Italian Ice is a favorite in southern California and many other states alike. This strain comes from backpack boyz but not for the faint of heart…. testing out north of 30% THC. It is an exotic mix that hits hard and fast, making you want to lay down, relax & enjoy your high.

Backpackboyz Italian Ice is a cannabis strain developed by 5 Points LA and the backpack boyz and is the best weed to go from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Italian Ice is an extremely rare and potent strain of cannabis that will make you feel wanted and loved with a nice clean burn and terpene profile. Enjoy the sticky crystals with friends or on your own!

A cross between the Gelato 45 and the Forbidden fruit strain, Backpackboyz Italian Ice is a high-yielding, large flower that looks and smells fantastic. Count on heavy trenches and a long-lasting effect that’s peculiar to this strain. Available by the pound or in a distillate pen.

The unique flavors offer overripe bananas, with blackberry seeds that finish with a smooth gas on the exhale. Dense little nuts, very dark purple, with lighter shades of green and tiny little orange pistils, creep out like a little jungle. A potent Indica hybrid. Spacey head-high, strong body. The full package. Also, see kush mints strain.

Backpack boyz Italian ice effects

This one has a spicy and fruity aroma and taste. The high is uplifting and euphoric. This is a hybrid that tilts more into the Sativa side of things with up energy. This will get you up and moving, no couch lock here!. Great for pain relief and relaxing if not put to sleep.

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