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Quality eureka carts, 100% thc cartridge eureka

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Eureka Vapor Carts To begin with, our CO2 extracted amber oil and Molecular Separated distillate is unmatched in quality and potency. As such we see the need to keep our oil as clean and pure as possible. This is why we never use PG, VG, PEG, or any synthetic additives. Our strain-specific terpene profiles have undergone rigorous testing, evaluation, and critique in order to provide quality, flavorful oil. We believe this is the way cannabis should be!

Our Mission: artistry noun: Furthermore, the artistic quality of effect or workmanship To achieve excellence, one must consider
themselves an artist in their craft. Passion, pride, dedication, focus, humility, and sacrifice is necessary to achieve the
highest level of workmanship in one’s craft.  At EUREKA, we are passionate about our oil; from the raw ingredients that
create it, the process of extracting the oil, cannabinoids, and terpenes to blending and packaging every single unit. We
pride ourselves on the quality, purity, and workmanship that goes into every single product that we create.   EUREKA is
#theartistryofoilHistory:   Established in 2011, California-based Eureka Vapor Cart set out to provide the cleanest, safest, 100% natural oil
cartridges in the industry. overcoming the odds to be a pioneer in the vapor market long before it gained the
popularity it has today. Using our refined extraction processes, to create high-quality distillate and delectable… Read More

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