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Ace of spades carts is the introduction to luxury cannabis.

high potency; thc 96%

Ace of spades carts Our goal is to help individuals in extreme need by offering uncompromised cannabis products. Our success began when a small but dedicated group of professionals became fed up with the industry’s lack of integrity, openness, and experience—dominated by people who considered this to be just another fun new pastime or trend.

Rather, with the assistance of an exceptional team of scientists and engineers, we set out to advance the industry through inventive engineering, technological discovery, and manufacturing precision.

We have spent countless hours researching to produce a flavor profile that surpasses all previous benchmarks;

We take great pride in offering products made with cannabis oil. We are redefining cannabis through creativity, solidarity, and culture, but our main goal is to enable a superior, high-end, luxurious, and palatable lifestyle.


  1. Potters Ace of Spades is well aware that excellence starts on the farm. The most exquisite cannabis flowers with stable genetics, grown by skilled farmers with years of knowledge, are what we start with. Before being plucked for extraction, those buds mature to the point of optimal genetic potential.
    Processing adheres to the same standards of quality assurance and maintenance as farming. The complete range of terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant is extracted using ethanol, which is a safer and cleaner extraction method than butane and propane.
    Our extraction artists don’t use any dangerous cutting agents, and their vapes don’t contain coconut oil or MCT.
    The cannabis oil is combined with natural terpenes after extraction and placed into a ceramic-coated C-Cell cartridge.


In the industry, we employ the most rigorous and advanced testing methods. For instance, rather than using competing standards of features per million, we test for a complete panel of 66 analytes at the parts per billion level. Additionally, the most cutting-edge equipment in the business is used by our highly qualified team of scientists and engineers to run our ultra-sophisticated laboratory, setting new standards for testing.


We employ extraction methods that maximize the retention of cannabinoids. Furthermore, Ace of Spades Ultra produces an oil with unparalleled consistency and potency thanks to their rigorous terpene preservation procedure..


Potters uses industry-leading manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest quality of products. Our facility is proud to employ many organic chemists who oversee every stage of the process from extraction to formulation..

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